Manual medicine: one of a kind

medicina manuale

The Manual of Medicine belongs to the family of alternative medicines, or that group of therapeutic and diagnostic practices are not placed in the context of conventional medicine, since they are characterized by unconventional methods. Unlike other therapies, however, the Manual of Medicine is also allowed among the generally verified methods, which represents a unique…

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Manual osteopathic therapy: a unique therapy for prevention and treatment

terapia manuale osteopatica

Osteopathic manual therapy is a term coined to indicate the use of manual skills to implement a series of osteopathy techniques, useful for the treatment of many symptoms. This type of therapy, in fact, achieved in recent years, a remarkable achievement in the field of treatment of musculoskeletal disorders also more common. Osteopathy Osteopathy is…

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Manual therapy, important for our health!

Manual therapy is an internationally recognized tool to prevent, evaluate and treat some types of disorders that affect the musculoskeletal system. These therapies are usually carried out through the use of hands and, for this reason, we refer to all those therapies that use the upper extremities as a treatment method such as osteopathy, my…

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Chiropractic manipulations: wellness is born from the back

Chiropractic manipulation arises from the development and benefits of chiropractic, one of the branches of holistic medicine that originated directly from chiropractic. The fact of chiropractic is, a set of manipulation techniques performed with the hands (from the Greek, in fact, cheir and pratikos indicate the treatment with the hands) and used to eliminate the…

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