NLP and Physiotherapy: create a relationship with your patient to improve their health

PNL e fisioterapia

NLP, or neurolinguistic programming, is a method of communication, as well as a life coaching and assistance system that deals with the relationship between the behavior patterns and the subjective experiences that underlie a therapy based on self-awareness education. effective communication, as well as changing their behavior patterns both mentally and emotionally.

NLP and Physiotherapy: the origin of the name

Within the expression NLP , three main components that effectively describe and implement this technique in the professional field are summarized.

  • programming,
    the ability to influence behavior based on individual perception and experience. Through NLP it is possible to intervene in a series of generally involuntary and unconscious behaviors;
  • Neuro, that is, the analysis of the neurological processes of human behavior based on the reception of stimuli between the nervous system and the organs of the senses;
  • linguistic, that is, the definition of a system within which human mental processes are encoded and transformed through the language tool.

NLP and Physiotherapy: the origins

Therefore, it is possible to associate neurolinguistic programming with a communication approach, as well as the development of personal reality in almost psychotherapeutic areas, and it is a therapy linked to the connection between neurological processes, language and behavior patterns learned through the experience.

NLP was theorized by Richard Bandler and John Grinder during the 1970s, based on the idea that neurolinguistic schemes could be organized in such a way as to allow the achievement of specific objectives in professional and private life. Despite its great diffusion in a short time, it is considered that NLP is only a psychiatry in science but, thanks to its acquired characteristics, it has become a valuable tool for teaching in the university and in the professional field.

NLP and physiotherapy: the general objective

NLP Its objective is to interact with the body with some of its abilities such as language, physiology and beliefs. Through this reciprocity, it is possible to determine different perceptions with different qualities both in terms of quality and quantity and, above all, to transform the perceptive structure of the person to whom the techniques are implemented.

The perception of the world can also be modified by appropriate techniques of change: this technique can be used to facilitate and improve the work of many professional categories, such as physiotherapy and medicine.

NLP and physiotherapy: the technique applied to the field of medicine

The dynamic that characterizes communication in some professions becomes an essential element.

In the medical, physical and physiotherapy fields, in fact, words become indispensable elements to establish a relationship that can be transmuted into a functional therapeutic alliance.

PNL e fisioterapia

Although there are many medical treatments available and medical treatment sometimes tends to be shortened thanks to the many technologies in use, patients who come to the doctor without obvious pathological causes are only 50%.

This information must be taken into account for those who practice or decide to dedicate themselves to a profession related to the patient’s welfare.

Establishing an adequate relationship with the patient / client is an essential element to prevent and treat many diseases that are sometimes hidden for various reasons.

Not only do we think about serious cases: prevention is crucial in the field of medicine and NLP is an essential tool to improve understanding and communication with patients in both the diagnostic and therapeutic stages.

The elements, in fact, to take into account, when establishing an effective relational communication are:

  • Verbal language;
  • Nonverbal language;
  • Paraverbal language.

In simple words: the ability to actively participate in a relationship with the patient that needs to be heard can be favored by different types of communication (not only linguistic) and NLP can help to do so.


Even in physiotherapy, NLP is an effective tool.

During a physiotherapy session (as in other manipulation practices), in fact, it is necessary to create an exclusive relationship with each patient to really understand the cause of the illness that afflicts the patient.

Through the exchange of evaluations not only physically but also emotionally and sensually, the physiotherapist must be able to provide useful tools not only to solve the problem but also to improve overall well-being.

NLP seems to be one of the most effective tools and can distinguish the professional attitude of a professional in the industry.

Many actions are considered essential to understand the feelings and emotions of the patient and there are many behaviors that must be considered to transform your employment relationship into a better reality by acquiring the skills to analyze the feelings and emotions of the patient:

  • The real thought that afflicts the patient and that can cause pain;
  • The quality of the words used and represented by the professional to deal with a given situation (internal language);
  • Posture that completes the way of acting and approaching the patient (physiology).

Following this scheme, you can establish a climate of productivity and create a direct, productive and sincere relationship with our patient, solving any problem that may arise in the relationship.

Working in a productive state, or a situation in which it is possible to actively resolve the problems that life imposes on us, allows the biology of the body to effectively intervene in the recovery process and favor the healing approach.

In fact, healing can only begin when there is a true intention to heal; Otherwise, even the most sophisticated tools can help administer therapies.

NLP and physiotherapy: the benefits

Knowing the techniques of NLP means, therefore, integrate your CV with the key to know the best ways to establish a professional relationship with your patients and to achieve a better attempt at healing.

In addition, when learning NLP techniques, it is possible to obtain valid and effective benefits:

  • Increase the effectiveness of communication during the interaction;
  • Helping your patients achieve their well-being;
  • Mitigate negative states and improve relationships with third parties.

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