About me

I am the founder Physiotherapist of CallidaeManus.com, a website aimed at health professionals where you can find the best for your training in spinal and peripheral manipulations. Since 2006 I work in this field at my studio in Castelnuovo di Farfa (Italy). If you want to know a little more about me, here on my official Facebook page.

My greatest passion is transmitting others all my knowledge to train health professionals in the field of manual therapy.

Here in the photo of 2013 you can see me with the Brazilian champion Felipe Andreson who personally treated in Auronzo di Cadore and Formello (Italy) for the recovery of his ankle injury.

Treating such a professional soccer was a fantastic experience that made me grow from a professional point of view. Although, I must admit that before that experience I did not know any soccer player and that's a shame for an Italian like me 🙂

If you put passion and you learn how to give better results in less time to your patients, you can really get excellent professional results not only for the champions, but for all the patients who ask you for help.

Watch the reaction when our presentation video was first shared by Fisio 2.0

After 13 years of intense work, I acquired the experience to teach and I founded the site CallidaeManus.com. My courses are now offered worldwide and I am proud for helping thousands of health professionals all around the world.

I wish you the greatest success as a professional and I am pleased to contribute to your professional training!

All the best!

Marco Aruffo