Have you had or do you have patients with longer healing times than expected? With persistent pains despite regular treatments? If your answer is yes, this is the course you've been waiting for:

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With this guide you will be able to discover the hidden factors behind the inflammation

Thanks to the help of Dr. M. Usman (Researcher and Nutritionist) I wrote this book to fill a huge GAP in the world of PHYSIOTHERAPY

This guide has been created for a 360 ° understanding in order to recognize NUTRITIONAL DEFICIENCIES and the factors that hinder CURE

With this guide you will be able to obtain the best result for your patients and gain the necessary confidence to recognize nutritional deficiencies. Moreover, you will be able to tell them about how their food choices affect their own recovery.

I am aware that a course like this can not be found all over the web. We have taken care of all the teaching part with the maximum details (images, tables, diagrams and calculation formulas) at the highest level to create a PERFECT product for your needs.

Keep in mind that this knowledge has a very high value and could increase your value and the number of your patients in: + 200%

Here is what this ebook contains

How much does it cost you not to know this information about the PHYSIOTHERAPY AND NUTRITION course?

  • You could continue treating a patient indefinitely without results if you do not realize that the cause of his problem could be his nutrition
  • The world of Physiotherapy is changing and no physiotherapist can afford to ignore these issues
  • Professional figures such as osteopaths and chiropractors who have patients often similar to ours, are already well prepared on this subject

Here, instead, what will happen to you after you have taken advantage of this course:

  • Your patients will appreciate your preparation also on this subject, simply because you can help them better
  • Increase the number of your patients
  • Substantial professional growth

Remember, the more you stay updated, the more you will love this job and the more patients will love you!

We are honest to tell you that the value of this video course for the quantity and quality of the information you get to know is beyond $300. For a long time we asked ourselves which was the best price, so that it was not too expensive or too low.

  • A price too high, as we had originally thought, would have cut off many people who would not have the economic opportunity to access it.
  • A price Too low, devalue the course by going to "end up in the hands" of those who would not be able to handle this kind of precious notions.

So we decided to make it affordable at the price of $97, considering the added value that will make you grow, it's more than nice and honest as a real value (consider that in the first 10 treatments, this figure will be returned to you and you will use it for life by increasing your skills and gains.)

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OFFER FOR LIMITED TIME (can change every 24 hours)

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I do not know how long I can assure you that the price you see will remain unchanged: I receive more and more emails advising me to increase the cost of this ebook. And I'm sure everyone is right, The true value of this information would be WELL HIGH!! Believe me, I want to help as many health professionals as possible to achieve great results with this book.

For any question, you can contact us at: [email protected]

P.s .: this course is for health professionals ONLY.

P.s.s .: Do not look for a program like this because for competence, strength and depth, it simply does not exist. It has not been created yet!

P.s.s .: Have you read my "100% personal guarantee" carefully? Really, have you ever seen something like that before? Your risk is zero!

PT, Marco Aruffo

OFFER FOR LIMITED TIME (can change every 24 hours)

After payment, you can download the ebook immediately


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Yes! After payment, you can download the book on your computer immediately and print it if you prefer.
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Of course, you can use any credit card, including all rechargeable cards, if that makes you feel more secure (although in reality with PayPal the transaction is always 100% protected)