Do you want to solve most of your musculoskeletal disorders in the best and shortest possible time?

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Video Course reserved for HEALTH PROFESSIONALS

This Video Course IMMEDIATE TREATMENTS, I recommend it to those who have already purchased my Video Courses: SPINAL AND PERIPHERAL MANIPULATIONS. Otherwise you can find it really hard to understand.

With this course, you will be able to offer immediate and great benefit to your patients

Watch below the presentation of the video-course 


This video course has been developed step by step to 360 ° for your total understanding, in order to make each manipulation in TOTAL SECURITY


I will teach you the treatment for most musculoskeletal pain conditions, in a fast and lasting way, using the spinal and peripheral manipulations and the therapeutic exercises. 

Consider that this valuable training could increase your value as a professional and therefore the number of your patients: + 200%

This video course in its 13 videos contains all the step-by-step explanation to effectively use the spinal, peripheral manipulations and therapeutic exercises

I will guide you to the following Immediate Treatments: 

  • Cervicalgia and Cervicobrachialgia
  • Shoulder pain
  • Lombalgia and Dorsalgia
  • Sciatalgia and Lombosciatalgia
  • Cruralgia and Lombocruralgia
  • Epicondilitis and Epitroclitis
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Gonalgia, Meniscosis, Patella tendinopathy
  • Metatarsalgie, Plantar Fasciitis
  • Groin pain
  • Trochanteritis and Coxalgia
  • Paramorphisms correction: Scoliosis, Hyperlordosis and Hyperkyphosis

How much does it cost to you not having the knowledge of these 13 videos about the IMMEDIATE TREATMENTS?

  • You will hardly be able to position yourself as one of the best Physiotherapist in your city.
  • You take the risk of doing completely wrong treatments that could literally "escape" your patient (I would not return to you but you know how to solve your problem)
  • You take the risk of spending a lot more time to solve these common painful conditions.

This is what will happen to you after you have implemented what you learned in this video course:

  • It will greatly increase your confidence in solving these so frequent problems
  • As a result, the number of treatments performed in your clinic and the number of cases solved will increase
  • As a result, your income and personal satisfactions will increase as well
  • The word of your business successes will make the tour of the country very soon, increasing the number of your appointments more than ever
  • The satisfaction of giving benefit and seeing satisfied patients will fill you with joy

Remember, the more you stay updated, the more you will love this job and the more patients will love you!

The quality of videos you have at your disposal is very high and you will increase your professional level very much. In addition to the simple and practical clinical reasoning that I teach you, you will have the opportunity to learn the most effective THERAPEUTIC EXERCISES!


Giuseppe Sapio

It is with great pleasure that I am writing this review to my colleague Marco Aruffo who has put, in my opinion, a firm point on the fact that the figure of the physiotherapist can deal with joint manipulations and that when he/she does it  he/she can reach very high levels.

In the specific case then, Marco proves to have gone ahead in a subject that was considered almost esoteric for our figure, adding new elements to their effectiveness that i personally have verified.

All of this is supported by a physiotherapist with two decades of experience and who already practices joint manipulations with other methods. To increase my knowledge in this field, I bought the courses of Spinal Manipulations, Peripheral Manipulations and Immediate Treatments and I feel more than satisfied!

I must also compliment the courage to have taken this path and the method of disclosure that is comfortable and efficient.

A special applause goes to his staff who, besides the efficiency, they made their modus operandi kindness, and today we all know how rare it is to find both qualities in human activities.

Giuseppe Sapio Physiotherapist
Andrea Bassani

A video course very well structured and made with excellent and exhaustive shots: the techniques are explained and illustrated in a simple, clear and complete manner. The utility of Mark is absolutely appreciative, so the execution of each manipulation is more clear, well explained and very understandable. The work is complemented with two manuals rich of paper, full of images, where both the theoretical and practical part are well illustrated, in a synthetic, accurate and complete way.

I would like to recommend this work to colleagues “with experience” and more to those who simply want to approach manual medicine and are particularly concerned with manipulations.

Andrea Bassani Physiotherapist - [email protected]
Marco Musorrofiti

I finally found the video course that I always dreamed of since I was a student. The manipulation techniques explained with extreme simplicity, make this course an useful tool for all physiotherapists.

Marco Musorrofiti Physiotherapist - [email protected]
Daniele Vai

I bought Marco Aruffo’s course: great!
Marco did an excellent job. It has great maneuverability and has managed to develop a complex question as complex as vertebral and joint manipulations. In the videos there are classic techniques reviewed by himself.
I recommend it to all colleagues!

Daniele Vai Physiotherapist - [email protected]
Filippo Andreani

The simplicity way that Marco used to explain and to show the techniques, combined with the excellent quality of the videos and frames, is enough to make this collection a true training course that has nothing to envy to the most part of events organized everyday in Italy.

Without any doubt it is a valid tool for those who already have experience in manual medicine, and for those who for the first time approach this beautiful world.

Filippo Andreani Physiotherapist - [email protected]
Luigi Pianese

I have been dealing with Manual Therapy for years and I have attended several courses in this field and I must say that these 2 Video-Courses are really an unique and very well-structured product. Both are very useful for those like me who want to review techniques and for those who want to start learning about this important area of ​​manual therapy. But not only that, both manuals are very complete and well structured, starting from the principles, passing through the indications and contraindications, to finish with the actual techniques. The scenes of the videos also with the explanation of the techniques is very “user friendly”, you seem to hear a friend talking to you who advises you and guides you to the best. Congratulations to the colleague Marco Aruffo for his beautiful and excellent work! To have absolutely!

Luigi Pianese Osteopath and Physiotherapist - [email protected]
Marco Ferrara

This is a work, in my opinion, indispensable for those who approach the profession and for those who, despite of the experience already acquired, will appreciate the enormous amount of stimuli that comes from the analysis of this work.

Marco Ferrara Physiotherapist - [email protected]
Christianpasquale Visciano

The video course is very interesting and well done. The techniques are simple and are explained exhaustively. The recording is done professionally with the appropriate and useful educational frameworks. Very good for Marco who made me get into the game in a very discussed and debated field. The course is available for specialists in the field and is a didactic material for a practical theoretical course of manipulations.

Christianpasquale Visciano Osteopath - Physiotherapist and teacher of the "Università di Chieti " - [email protected]

We are honest to tell you that the value of this video course for the quantity and quality of the information you get to know is beyond $1,800. For a long time we asked ourselves which was the best price, so that it was not too expensive or too low.

  • A price too high, as we had originally thought, would have cut off many people who would not have the economic opportunity to access it.
  • A price too low Devalue the video course by going to "end up in the hands" of those who would not be able to handle this kind of precious notions.

So we decided to make it affordable at the price of $594, given the added value that will make you grow, it's more than nice and honest as a real value (consider that in the first 10 treatments, that money will be returned to you and you will use it for life by increasing your skills and gains.)

We also decided to make a limited number of accesses for this video course, with more than 50% of discount, or $297

(for single use license)

Ordering is easy: 594 $ = discounted> 50% = 297




OFFER FOR LIMITED TIME (can change every 24 hours)

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What is the video-course IMMEDIATE TREATMENTS? As mentioned above, you will find 13 videos on all the topics described + Manual, with clinical reasoning described and all written steps 

You can have your certificate FOR FREE in pdf format and you can print it whenever you want

The payment methods are 3:

  • Payment by credit card or rechargeable
  • Paying with PayPal
  • Transfer payment to PERHIBELAND SL - IBAN: ES89 0049 4991 03 2816237490 - BIC/SWIFT: BSCHESMM

OFFER FOR LIMITED TIME (can change every 24 hours)

I do not know how long I can assure you that the price you see will remain unchanged: I receive lots of emails advising me to increase the cost of this video course. And I'm sure everyone is right! The true value of this information would be MUCH HIGHER!! Believe me, I want to help as many health professionals as possible to achieve great results with the Art of SPINAL MANIPULATIONS.

For any question, you can contact us at: [email protected]

P.s .: this course is for health professionals ONLY.

P.s.s .: Do not look for a program like this because for competence, strength and depth, it simply does not exist. It has not been created yet!

P.s.s .: Have you read my "100% personal guarantee" carefully? Really, have you ever seen something like that before? Your risk is zero!

PT, Marco Aruffo
(Structural Manipulations Expert)

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