Maitland vertebral manipulations: treatments for the musculoskeletal system

We have talked about the importance of spinal manipulation, its origins and its use. In this article, I decided that it would have been necessary to talk specifically about vertebral manipulation, since the contribution of the one that constituted it has proven to be crucial, as well as the effectiveness in the treatments of the musculoskeletal system.

I’m talking about Maitland vertebral manipulations.

Who is Geoffrey Douglas Maitland?
Geoffrey Douglas Maitland is the father of vertebral manipulations (it is not a coincidence that they have acquired his name).

Maitland was born in Adelaide in 1924 and served in the Australian Royal Aviation until, between 1946 and 1949, he completed his training to become a physiotherapist.

During his first career at the Royal Hospital of Adelaide, he became interested in orthopedic and neurological disorders, so he later decided to quit his job and devote himself to the teaching of manual therapy in 1954.

In 1963, Maitland deepened his studies of manual therapy and wrote a book by the Physiotherapy Association of Australia entitled “The problems in teaching adjustments of the spine” in which they show a clear difference between manipulation and mobilization.

During his studies, he was convinced, on the other hand, that soft passive movement was the best method to treat pain, along with traditional and more vigorous techniques that allowed an increase in the functional movement of the patient.

After the publication of numerous articles for “Australian Journal of Physioteraphy”, in 1964, he wrote the book that took him to the pinnacle of his success, “The Spinal Manipulation” and two years later he published a book dedicated to the “Device of manipulation “.

In 1965, for the first time in Adelaide he became a master of his first course of spinal manipulation, a path that soon became a real career at the University of South Australia.

Geoffrey Douglas Maitland became co-founder of the “International Federation of Ortho-Manipulative Therapists” (IFOMT), a new branch of the “World Confederation of Physical Therapy” (WCPT).

From his works, as well as his lessons, he was considered that, in fact, the work that had hitherto been done, as well as the ideas that prompted him to carry out a new method of spinal manipulation form a specific set of ideas and treatments and more a mere method of use for handling techniques.

The concept of adjustments of the Maitland column

The concept of manual therapy, as well as that of manual manipulation, offers a fundamental contribution to the development of manual and spinal therapy, since it is emerging as an effective treatment for the solution of the musculoskeletal system.

The characteristic that, more than others, became and did only the concept of Maitland in comparison with other types of manuals was the definition of an innovative therapy that, through practice, tried to really enter into the ability of the doctor to ask the patient in the center of the clinical reasoning in such a way that analyzes in a specialist and concretely the causes that cause pain to the patient.

The treatment that the operator will perform will be adapted to the changes and conditions of the patient’s condition, allowing the progress of the treatment in a safe and effective way.

What distinguishes Maitland’s manual therapy is passive mobilization.

This concept, in fact, is the basis of Maitland’s idea and therapy and is sweet in the induction of a movement by means of rhythmic oscillations performed within or at the limit of joint mobility. The use of this movement allows the therapist to recover the normal position of the joint structures to recover a painless passive movement.

Maitland vertebral manipulation, spinal and peripheral pain

Maitland manual spinal manipulation can be used to resolve symptoms of pain in the spine and peripheral spine. But what is the difference between the two fields?
Peripheral or neuropathic pain is a sensation of chronic pain that appears after a deterioration or failure of the peripheral nervous system of the nervous system;
Spinal pain is a painful sensation and the result of a combination of chemical and mechanical stimulation without meaning.

In general, the structures of the spine that can evoke pain are:

  1. The intervertebral disc;
  2. The vertebral bodies;
  3. Joints aphidary;
  4. Structures linked to muscle;
  5. The mother hard, (or an external meningeal carcass of the central nervous system), venous plexus;
  6. El foramen intervertebral.

Maitland vertebral manipulations: use cases

It differs from manual therapies in use to the extent that it is based on a specific decision-making procedure that provides therapeutic options from the analytical examination and a specific evaluation of the patient and focuses on the detailed evaluation of neuro-muscular disorders. -skeletal.

In addition, it is effective in the treatment of many painful symptoms, such as:

  • Acute and chronic vertebral disorders and disorders, including root syndromes;
  • Back pain and problems that appear between intervertebral discs or defined discs;
  • Neck pains, cervical disorders and several types of problems that also refer to the cervical region;
  • Degenerative joint articular articulations;
  • Craniofacial dysfunctions, problems related to the temporomandibular joint, as well as several types of headaches;
  • Inflammation of the nerves that can cause tingling or tingling in the area, such as carpal tunnel syndrome, tarsal tunnel syndrome and Morton’s neuroma;

More or less acute pain in the joints, such as:

  1. Joints of the lower legs such as meniscus, ankle and foot, as well as masculinity due to inflammation of tendons and ligaments;
  2. Joints of the upper part of the legs with the participation of soft tissues of the peripheral joints, such as tennis or golfer’s elbow;
  3. Problems related to the wrist and hand, such as fractures, carpal tunnel syndrome, distractions and distortions;
  4. Maitland spinal manipulation is also effective for treatments after surgical operations or sports injuries.

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